Welcome to Squid Ink Media Asia, the production company owned by Michael Ross Robinson that specializes in the creation of original, high quality content for television, corporate, mobile and web broadcast.

Since 2001 Squid Ink Media  and Squid Ink Media Asia have consistently delivered cost effective and highly entertaining programming that has achieved high ratings and audience penetration. Company founding Director; Michael Ross Robinson brings more than 30 years of ‘hands on’ television and media production experience to this dynamic company, working in more than 45 countries.

We specialize in hand made, client-focused media that’s highly informative and enduring. From the simplest TV advertising campaign or ‘one off‘ documentary to a multi-million dollar television series, Squid Ink Media Asia will help you achieve the most effective results.

Squid Ink Media Asia combines the experience of many of the world’s most successful media technicians with state of the art production, editing and post-production equipment.